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7+ Apps Every Medical Practice Manager Should Know

March 27, 2017

We love mobile technology here at BeckonCall. It’s what we do, it’s all we think about. Sometimes, though, we spend so much time working on our mobile platform that we don’t come for air to give

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Patient Engagement: How to Make Your Practice Magnetic

March 13, 2017



Good medical care can’t be a one-way street. Patients must engage in their own care, being proactive in minimizing the risk of problems where possible and adhering to prescribed therapies

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Feature Update: Simpler On-Call Scheduling

March 08, 2017

Now it’s even easier to create and update your call schedules using BeckonCall!

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5 Benefits of Moving Your Medical Practice's Technology to the Cloud

March 07, 2017


As we were drafting this post, Amazon’s S3 storage service went down for several hours. Even if you weren’t aware of exactly what was happening from a technical standpoint, you probably

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The Two Drivers of Errors in Medical Communications

February 28, 2017


On this blog we have thoroughly established the existence of communications breakdowns within and among care teams. We’ve also pointed out the cost of these deficits in terms of patient

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Two Out of Five: How to Deal with Patient Reviews

February 21, 2017


People are talking about you. Not just you, but anyone who offers a product or a service. It’s always been the case that humans seek information and validation about, well, everything, from

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Change is Good: Medical Education & Medical Technology

February 14, 2017



Start ‘em young, they say. Who is “they?” Anyone with an opinion. What are we starting ‘em on? Anything “they” happen to have an opinion about: Violin lessons, golf, holding the door open for

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[New from BeckonCall] - A Refreshed Design for Hospital-to-Physician Communication

February 09, 2017

We’re excited to announce the updated version of BeckonCall’s hospital-to-provider communication tool: Contact Providers.

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4 Ways to Improve Interoperability at Your Medical Practice

February 07, 2017


The medical community spends a lot of time discussing the need for interoperability. EHR systems have long been the target of complaints from professionals ranging from nursing staff to

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Thoughts on Communication for New Physicians

February 02, 2017


Medicine is stressful. Every aspect of interpersonal relationships, communications, business, finance, operations, and customer service that one would see in any other field are present in

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