BeckonCall founder recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review as a “Healthcare Entrepreneur to Know”

Posted by Admin on November 29, 2016

BeckonCall founder, Dr. Jeffrey Becker, named one of the "Top Healthcare Entrepreneurs" by Becker's Hospital Review. 


Dr. Jeffrey Becker is a physician and technologist, and the visionary founder behind BeckonCall, a secure on-call communications platform for healthcare providers. He created BeckonCall after two decades of practicing medicine to help fix the communication breakdowns during care delivery caused by an increasingly complex healthcare system. 




While physicians treat patients with innovative techniques, medicines and technologies, they still rely heavily on pagers, fax machines, and live operator answering services to manage their communications. These antiquated technologies not only hinder physician productivity, but also sustain unnecessary costs - in both dollars, and human lives - throughout the continuum of care. 




BeckonCall brings on-call communication into the mobile era by automating physician on-call scheduling scheduling and call routing, and by connecting physicians, nurses and office staff directly through its secure mobile app. 

Practices build and manage coverage schedules using BeckonCall’s online tools - no more faxes or hand scribbled calendars. 




By replacing legacy live operator answering services, BeckonCall takes out the middle-man, allowing doctors and nurses communicate directly in real time.Every message goes to the right person, at the right time, no coverage confusion, latency or message delivery errors.  



BeckonCall improves the business of medicine, delivering ROI for practices through higher quality care and operational efficiency. 




"It's a great honor to have BeckonCall recognized by Becker's Hospital Review," stated Dr. Becker. "Our technology helps care teams spend less time trying to communicate and more time delivering care, simplifying the lives of doctors and improving quality of care for patients everywhere."


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